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Thread: My Computer doesn't recognize new dvd burner

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    My Computer doesn't recognize new dvd burner

    Hi to all,
    I had Compaq computer it works fine until last month but from last month my LG dvd writer does not work properly so i just buy new LG GSA-H55L Super Multi dvd drive.I plug it, by making it the master on the secondary ide. There is also a cd burned on the secondary ide which I made slave. I booted up and the new dvd drive was not seen in My Computer. I checked the BIOS setting and the BIOS couldn't detect it either. When I install old one it works fine.I think that it may be due to defective writer so I replace with another one but the problem is not solve.Please help me.
    I am using windows xp sp2, Processor: 1.8 ghz.,512mb RAM.Thank you

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    re: My Computer doesn't recognize new dvd burner

    I don't think that there is any need to update your BIOS.It is quite difficult one if you not familiar with hardware.So I suggest you that remove the new drive and plug the old drive.Once you have taken out new dvd writer, look at the rear of the dvd writers. Each should have a small white (usually white) piece called a Jumper connected to a slot. On the new drive, take out the jumper and connect it to the Master slot. On the old drive, take the jumper out and connect it to the Slave slot.Now come to IDE connections. Place your drives back into your CPU case. Take an IDE cable and connect it to both drives, then connect it to your motherboard.Then check all connection are plug properly.Restart your computer and I think your problem is solved.

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    I think you should change the bus. I mean buy a new cable.
    I think you may have damaged it by chance.

    Ben Thomas

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    re: My Computer doesn't recognize new dvd burner

    don't worry about it ,just try doing following thing.Open new notepad copy following







    After copy above content paste it into that new Notepad and save it as FIXCD.REG, and then double click on the FIXCD.REG file to merge it into the registry. Simple.Now restart your computer.then you can see new drive.

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    re: My Computer doesn't recognize new dvd burner

    I don't think it may be due to some hardware problem.I think it may be due to some software drive that interfere with new dvd drive.There are some software that does not compatible with some hardware .So I suggest you to boot your system into safe mode and see if the drive has been seen or not. If it appears , then it may be some suspicious. also check to see if recording is enabled for your drive. Open My computer -> right click on dvd drive and under properties -> recording -> see if the recording box is checked or not.

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