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Thread: process to speed up your USB Flash drive.

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    process to speed up your USB Flash drive.

    Hi to all,
    I have new 2gb transcend pen drive .When I copy movie of 1gb from my computer to that pen drive it take 16 to 20 minutes but when my friend copy same size of data to that pen drive from his computer it take only 2 to 3 minutes. Can any one tell me how this happened. Do any one know how to speed up pen drive or increase the transfer rate?.for your knowledge my computer is running windows xp.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: process to speed up your USB Flash drive.

    As per my knowledge this is happening because your motherboard only has a 1.0 port .Even If your pen drive is 2.0, it will be slow if your motherboard has a 1.0 port.My advise to that you check the speed of your port by right clicking on My Computer, and clicking properties,Then click on the Hardware tab, and click on Device Manager.Look for Universal Serial Bus Controlers and see if you have any 2.0 port.If it is not 2.0 it means that your computer doesn't have USB 2.0 and you will need to upgrade the hardware - either the motherboard, or get a PCI USB 2.0 controller.
    I think this advise help you.

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    Re: process to speed up your USB Flash drive.

    I also had the same problem then after doing following thing my pen drive transfer rate is increase, I hope this will also help you.
    Connect your pen drive to computer.Open my computer ->right click on your flash drive-> click on properties-> Press hardware->Select your flash drive from the list->click on Properties->Click the policies tab->Press optimize for performance->Click O.k.
    Now format your pen drive to NTFS (FAT & FAT32 are very slow and it will make no difference to the drive if you format it as FAT or FAT32).Before unplugging it, its recommended that you hit 'Eject' in my computer and you will now have an insanely fast flash drive.

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    Re: process to speed up your USB Flash drive.

    As to your problem it looks like you have problem with your windows xp version.there are two version of windows xp that is SP1 and SP2.SP2 is the advanced version of windows xp.I think you have install old version of windows xp that is SP1 ,I suggest you to format your computer and install windows xp SP2,and now when you connect your pendrive you will get notice that your speed has been increase.
    All the best.

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