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Thread: Monitor out of resolution

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    Monitor out of resolution

    I have just purchased a computer, for few days it was running without any problems. But now I have a problem in my computer. I think there is a Monitor display problem because when I switch on my computer monitor never gives any display. I think there is no problem with RAM and graphics card. "HZ" is displayed in the box which moves all over the monitor. My computer configuration is intel 2.7 hz dual core, intel D946GZIS mobo, geforce 9600 GT graphics card and 2gb ram. What may be the problem? Any advice. Help will be appreciated.

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    re: Monitor out of resolution

    Don't worry this is not a serious problem. Your monitor is getting the input frequency which is beyond it can handle. I think the refresh rate is high. You can tyr booting in the safe mode. login to your user A/C and their fix the resolution to lower something like 800*600/640*480 etc. with an refresh rate to 60Hz. Then restart the computer normally, it will be all fine. Any problems do post again.

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    re: Monitor out of resolution

    The above given solution should work perfectly. But still if you have problems then, once check your computer display cable is plugged in correctly or not. This sounds stupid but many times it happens. Even happens with me sometimes, because we do not think of such silly mistakes or may be it is plugged out due to some other reasons. At last if you do not find any solution change the Display Drivers (Un-install the old once and install the new once ), this is because sometimes they might be corrupted and provides a different frequency each time.

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    re: Monitor out of resolution

    Thanks guys.
    I have solved my problem. First I booted in the safe mode and set my monitor to a lower resolution, but it didn't work. Then I reinstalled the display drivers and that was it. I can normally boot in the computer now. Thanks once again guys.

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