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Thread: Need some information on Lenovo G550

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    Need some information on Lenovo G550

    I am going to buy a Lenovo G550 laptop in second hand. The laptop looks in good condition. I am not so technically strong but I need the specification of this model number. The seller also does not has the drive CD for the notebook. So where can I get the drivers for the same. I also need a general overview on the laptop features and performance. Thanks.

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    Re: Need some information on Lenovo G550

    The Lenovo G550 is a stylish notebook that excellence makes available to home users. With its 15.6-inch HD display with 16:9 aspect ratio, and HDMI connectivity, the G550 is a mobile multimedia platform from Lenovo. It is good started laptop. The specification of the model is 2 GHz - RAM, 250 GB Hard drive, GMA 4500MHD Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0, 802.11b / g, Vista Home Premium, 15.6" screen, camera, etc.

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    Re: Need some information on Lenovo G550

    The system specification of the laptop model is - Processor Brand: Intel - Processor: Pentium Dual Core - Processor Number: T4200 - Clock Speed: 2000 MHz - working memory (RAM): 3072 MB - Memory: 250 MB - OS: Windows Vista Home Premium. Other than this you will get - Integrated Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium, 250 HDD, DVD Writer, etc.

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    Re: Need some information on Lenovo G550

    You will get the entire driver list on the official site of Lenovo. See the link below. The below link is for Windows Vista. If you does not found drivers then your just right click on My Computer and click on Properties. Then go to hardware tab and click on Device Manager. In the list right click and update all the drivers one by one. You can also use Driver Detective to get the appropriate drivers.

    Download Driver for Lenovo

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    Arrow Re: Need some information on Lenovo G550

    hi guys this is harish from andhra pradesh

    i need LENOVA G550 model laptop for secondhand sales to buy

    if any one have information can u inform me................plzzzzzzzzz
    cpntact no is +19966829643

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