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Thread: CD stuck in CD player, how to remove it ?

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    CD stuck in CD player, how to remove it ?


    My CD that is for some reason stuck in my CD player of my car and wont come out. Does any one have any tips on how to remove a stuck cd from their cd player?

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    Re: CD stuck in CD player, how to remove it ?

    If I remember correctly, I was able to get the CD player to reject the CD 1st round the car off and then to restart the car, hitting the eject button on CD in the CD player. At least that's what worked for me. Fortunately, my CD player was replaced under warranty. I hope that does not happen again because I will not pay for the CD player replaced.

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    Re: CD stuck in CD player, how to remove it ?

    I think you only have 2 options

    1) open the CD player and hopefully you can put it back together right after the removal of the CD.
    2) obtaining a pair of tweezers, push eject the CD while grabbing and throwing them (this may scratch up the bottom of his CD, but it's a price you will pay).

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    Re: CD stuck in CD player, how to remove it ?

    You can do is, try to turn your ignition to the accessory position. Press the eject button for 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the make / model, the eject button may flash. When the button stops flashing, release the button and immediately press again. Then you could be successful by pressing the power button and the eject button.

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