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Thread: Samsung HM160HI drive locked

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    Samsung HM160HI drive locked

    I just bought a hard drive about few days ago and after connecting it to my computer I found that it is locked by password. So I can not write or erase on its surface and software like GParted or another are of no use. Could you provide me some tricks to get my locked drive back? It is a Samsung HM160HI.

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    Re: Samsung HM160HI drive locked

    I have the same problem on one of my discs but have always been the owner of the disks and I have no idea when or how the password has been added.

    I had already tried a lot of tools available on internet but nothing found functional.

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    Re: Samsung HM160HI drive locked

    Apparently it can occur in use, just after a power outage... but that could not help you solve your problem! What have you already tried? Did you tried some of the distributions of Live CD?

    You can even try HDDUnlock utility that runs under XP provided you have a working HDD to start XP and a second interface for hdd blocked. This software is an effective solution!

    The second is manipulation: everything is done with the Bios reboot, disassembling and assembling.
    1. remove hdd from your computer with power OFF
    2. power ON the computer and enter into BIOS SETUP
    3. as the hdd was removed the BIOS read <none> ata device at 1st boot device but you will be able to select <ATA device type> field which Had <none> <Auto> <cdrom> <user type hdd> as options
    4. <user HDD> select type option and the "manual" option for the hdd appear
    5. don't change anything, remain on that page and insert the HDD drive in the tray.
    6. go back to the field "1st ata device" and select the option <Auto>
    7. go to the bios section and SECURITY in the Field "HDD Password" enter a password of your choice (but remember or note it down)
    8. EXIT the bios setup and SAVE CHANGES (and reboot)
    9. at the HDD prompt, now you will find the password matched the one you entered
    10. run the BIOS setup again and remove the hdd password for easy use purpose ..

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    Re: Samsung HM160HI drive locked

    I have done all these tools on the live CD + some tools found on the net in subjects contractors password protection. However I've never heard of the bios method, and so I'll give it a try.

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