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Thread: How to reformat exFAT to NTFS

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    How to reformat exFAT to NTFS

    I bought a 200 gb external hdd which is automatically formatted int exfat file system under Vista ultimate. I have heard that Windows XP cannot read exFAT file system so therefore I was wondering if anybody knows that if I can use it on XP to transfer files from vista computer. so I thought of converting it to NTFS file system so that the external hdd can be read in both OS. However, as soon as the conversion started, my electricity went off. Since then if i try to convert it to another file system, the coversion interrupts in between at the time of "Formatting Removable Disk". Can anyone please tell me how to solve this issue? Will I be able to reformat exFAT to NTFS or not? Thanks
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    Re: How to reformat exFAT to NTFS

    You can download some disk tools to check your hard drive. Is your hard drive too old? Have you tried formatting it using Windows XP? You can get the disk tools from the drive manufacturer site? What brand / model is your drive?

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    Re: How to reformat exFAT to NTFS

    We have to consider 2 things about seeing a drive formatted to exFAT file system. 1)Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and now 7 can only format any drive or partition to the NTFS or NT File System. Your friends obviously a 3rd party tool or recent MS driver update package 2) seeing the decription for that at Description of the exFAT file system driver update package. As you will see there the exFat option replaces the old Fat32 for the recent growth of removable devices like usb hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, and support for volumes over the 32gb limit seen with Fat32 itself. The term exFat refers to "extended Fat" or "extended File Allocation Tables".
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    Re: How to reformat exFAT to NTFS

    I would say that the best option to format exFAT would be to get a bootable partition by G-parted or Clonezilla software, and create the partition there in Fat32. Otherwise you will be stuck with Fat32 is all you have is Windows OS.

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