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Thread: Problem with 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive

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    Problem with 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive

    I'm using Windows Xp along with Internet Explorer 6 on my machine. I have a 4 Gb Transcend pen drive. I'm facing a strange issue with my 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive. My pen drive doesn't show me the content files and even when i try to scan my pen drive, the scanning window close immediately. Can any body tell me that what's wrong with my pen drive? Any one have any idea about it? Let me know the correct solution to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Problem with 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive

    There are many possible reasons for getting this error message from your PC. Because there are several different operating systems in common use today, there are various types of levels of the pen drive that are configured to work with each system. Make sure that your pen drive is not faulty one. If so, it becomes unusable and you need to use another pen drive. As long as the desktop or laptop is constructed with a USB port, and the pen drive is compatible with the operating system, the pen drive will provide practical and easy transmission of data from one hard drive to another one in a matter of minutes.

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    Re: Problem with 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive

    Does it require special drivers to operate? Check the website and download the drivers for the pen drive not just USB. It is better to use an upgraded version like Windows XP or Vista which come with drivers and software that are required for the installation of pen drives. Instead of using software available with your pen drive, let these advanced versions of Windows OS to install your pen drives with their own set of driver files. Sometimes they'll be running something special on the disk that requires drivers to load it properly.

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    Re: Problem with 4 Gb Transcend usb pen drive

    Try another usb port, preferably one in the back of the computer
    if this was working before and just stopped. Just go to device manager right click the drive and click on uninstall, disconnect the drive, and then reboot, then reconnect and it should be fine. It has probably been damaged and will need replacement. The drivers on these pen drives tend to become corrupt quite easily due to the constant connecting and disconnecting. If it has not been used on this computer before, make sure it is a compatible operating system and check with the manufacturer of the drive for any known issues.

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