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Thread: Need some information on Slingbox

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    Need some information on Slingbox

    Recently my friend has installed Slingbox box at his home. The digital media is quiet interesting. I need the same for my home theater system also. I need a general overview of the digital set top box. Is anyone is using the same and what is the feedback on the same. What are the features and other services provided by the box. Does it supports all types of operating system. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need some information on Slingbox

    Sling Media pack is nice and good choice for Home theater system. The best feature of the tool is Placeshifting technology. By this you can just get you TV signal anywhere in the world. It is a similar set top box which is connected to your TV and the same can be stream to other machine at the same time. That can be any computer in the home network. It is also possible to get the same on your laptop via a web based interface.

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    Re: Need some information on Slingbox

    SlingBox is a awesome to stream your TV signal just anywhere you want. It works on Windows, MAC and other smartphones also. The video quality is great with very easy user interface. The only problem here I found is that it does has any inbuilt wireless support. So if you want your favorite show anywhere then by using the Sling Media technology you can get it on any system in the world. A broad band connection is a requirement for the same.

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    Re: Need some information on Slingbox

    Sling Media's SlingBox is a great set top box which gives more than just streaming a video. It act as a entertainment center in your Media Center PC. You can also make you own folder and stores up shows in them. This can be access via internet anywhere. On PC, Notebooks and even Cell phone. It needs a composite cable, ir, coaxial cable, ethernet line, etc to get a up a full setup. The tool is capable to give HDTV output.

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