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Thread: Samsung le32b530 sound issue

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    Samsung le32b530 sound issue

    Just recently got the Samsung le32b530 and am quite happy with it, except there seems to be a quite annoying problem with the speakers. I have a DVI to HDMI and no sound, and I've tried a dvi to vga, I have also hooked up a digital audio and Red/White cables but still nothing. On certain sound pitches I get a small buzzing sound from the speakers, not really loud but just loud enough to be quite annoying. Why i'm having such sound issue on my new Samsung le32b530? What i need to do in order to get rid of the above problem? Does any body knows about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Samsung le32b530 sound issue

    The LE32B530 ensures excellent image quality thanks to Full HD resolution, and even has an HD Freeview tuner and DNIe+ technology so you can enjoy all your favourite shows in high-definition. Three HDMI inputs let you connect a Blu-ray player or games console. It has a built-in digital tuner for hassle-free connection to Freeview, bringing you extra features such as on-screen programme guide, parental locks and a sleep timer.

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    Re: Samsung le32b530 sound issue

    There are so many settings that you may have to enable on the mac and on the tv itself. There should be a component lead with the wii, plug that into the R, G, B sockets on the back of the Tv and select the Component source, other plugs that make up the 5 are Audio red & white.

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    Re: Samsung le32b530 sound issue

    You can use the sockets on the side. When it comes to connections, the LE32B530 has all you need for easy integration into your home entertainment set-up, including 3 HDMI ports for controlling all your devices. If you still cannot resolve the above issue, its better that you contact any qualified technicians. I think better to contact Samsung service center for technical assistant.

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