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Thread: Xbox 360 GPU

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    Xbox 360 GPU

    i am looking to buy new xbox for me that i am thinking about new version not slim but Special edition of Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360. i am ready to wait till November but i want to know which GPU is used for Xbox 360 ? and how its performance can be ??
    thank you

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    Re: Xbox 360 GPU

    ATI had 175 engineers working on the Xenos GPU at the peak.They were especially concerned with memory bandwidth and overall system performance. They wanted a machine that could take advantage of CPU multi-processing through multi-threading, plus a machine that would be conceptually simple to program while providing head room for developers to stay competitive over the console’s lifetime.ATI Technologies and Microsoft work together on technology you can check on xbox site .

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    Re: Xbox 360 GPU

    Parallel processing power is used for the Xbox 360 GPU.Although major reworking of any previous code framework is required. The discovery was made by Dr Simon Scarle, researchers at the University of Warwick have found that the processing capacity of the Xbox 360

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    Re: Xbox 360 GPU

    The GPU designed by ATI for the Xbox 360 by researchers at the University of Warwick (England) used as a cheap alternative to 'parallel processing'. Through a number of parallel processors to work data and calculations can be processed more quickly.The scientists used these GPUs in an experiment in which electrical signals into damaged heart cells are stimulated. The amount of calculations to be performed simultaneously by the ATI chip might be feasible.The chip of the Xbox 360 is first used for medical science.

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