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Thread: Enable bidirectional support is grayed out

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    Enable bidirectional support is grayed out

    I have an Hp dx2300 machine that is running Windows XP. When i try to print a test page it says I need to enable bidirectional support, but it is grayed out. Under Printer/Properties/Ports enable bidirectional support option seems to be grayed out. It is the same for LTP or USB ports. What i need to do to enable bidirectional support which has been grayed out? How do I fix this issue? Please help me.

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    Re: Enable bidirectional support is grayed out

    BIOS is already set to ECP for the LPT port. I've tried unloading all drivers and just loading the printer drivers, but have the same problem. If connected by LPT, you need to ensure that the LPT setting is set to EPP in the BIOS. If connected by USB, the bi-directional should be grayed out.

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    Re: Enable bidirectional support is grayed out

    Have you tried downloading the latest drivers? Many times the print driver will enable the bidirectional support automatically. Does the driver support bidirectional? If it does not, then the option is not available on your system.

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    Re: Enable bidirectional support is grayed out

    Enabling ECP should make the port configurable as bi-directional. For that you need to remove the printer. Just follow the below steps mention.

    1. First of all click on the "Start" button, then need to type PRINTER in the search box and press Enter.

    2. After finding the icons which are related to your printer you need to delete them.

    3. Then you need to right-click on the blank part of the window and then need to choose "Run as administrator"->"Server Properties".

    4. On the Drivers tab, you need to select the listed printer and click on the Remove button. Afterwards you need to select Remove driver and driver package from your pc.

    5. Then you need to open Start menu, then need to input APPWIZ.CPL in the Search box and press ENTER in order to launch "Programs and Features".

    6. Then you need to try to remove all related printer software. Then you need to download the latest driver from the official website website and install it on your pc.

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