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Thread: Adcom GCD 575 laser replacement

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    Adcom GCD 575 laser replacement


    I have an Adcom GCD 575 that is working pretty fine.when it doesn't skip. However, it tends to skip more and more all the time.And now I can't even get through a complete song now.Someone suggested me to take the cover off and wash the laser with alcohol. After doing this, it still skips and am told that the laser i could shot.It has the Sony KSS-150A laser, which I learned replaced by the KSS-210A laser. can i complete novice do this swap?.What is associated with laser replacement? Do I need special tools?


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    Re: Adcom GCD 575 laser replacement

    Did you used a DVD cleaner disk.altering a DVD laser on a 12x DVD player in not a easy task. Actuator installation and alignment becomes much more complicated because of the accuracy level. It is not something that can be done by untrained personnel.Additionally obtaining a single optical assembly will not be possible. You would be need to buy at least thousand units.

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    Re: Adcom GCD 575 laser replacement

    It's normally simple to get the laser unit.Just need a screwdriver set.You'll required to be somewhat nimble to remove & replace the flat flexible cable(s) from the(ir) socket(s), but it's not really complex.But it could just as well be the spindle motor having worn bearings. If you have sensitive fingers you can feel this if you try rocking the spindle (CD) platter.Skipping by this latter fault usually gets worse the farther out on the CD you get, and often enhances by tilting the player 45-60 degrees either way.

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    Re: Adcom GCD 575 laser replacement

    Generally disk reading errors is one the most common errors for 360's and you pay someone else to align it for you if you cannot do it yourself also if you open up then console it will cancel the warranty so it might be better to send it back to the shop that you purchased from

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