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Thread: Convert ata to sata

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    Convert ata to sata

    I'm having a HP Pavilion laptop on which i'm running Windows Xp as my operating system. I would like to know that is it possible for me to change and convert my existing 80GB ata-6 hard drive to a 250GB SATA drive. In simple i would like to convert my convert ata to sata? Is it possible for me to do so? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue.

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    Re: Convert ata to sata

    In order to maintain order on the channel, it is necessary to have some way of differentiating between the two devices. For that i think you can use Serial-ATA to ATA/ATAPI IDE Interface Adapter. This adapter allows you to convert an Older IDE drive for use with a SATA connector. Take your new board with SATA connectors and use your standard IDE drives with this amazing device.

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    Re: Convert ata to sata

    Maxtor, the patent holder for the ATA standard, has regularly improved the standard to the point where ATA and Ultra ATA can now achieve rated burst transfer speeds of 100 mbps and 133 mbps respectively.Try SAMSUNG HM160HC, it is a 5400 rpm IDE drive but due high density sigle plate perform very fast. Interface go at 50Mb/sec and acces time is about 17,4ms.

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    Re: Convert ata to sata

    The term ATA is interchangeable with the term IDE, and the ATA standard is also sometimes referred to as Parallel ATA (PATA) because PATA transmits data along its data path in a parallel manner. The Addonics IDE-Serial ATA converter is the most cost effective solution for converting standard IDE and ATAPI devices to the new Serial ATA interface standard.

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