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Thread: Dell Harddisk 2000-0142 Error Code

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    Dell Harddisk 2000-0142 Error Code

    Hello , I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 , i had booting problem with it , I tried to restart it in the last known good config to a restore point much earlier, nothing was done. i think The file system that allows the boot are permanently affected. , , I had error code 2000:0142 (hard drive not recognized) intermittently. Could you Tell me What is these hard disk error code 2000-0142. , please help me solve these problem , thanks in advance for your replies

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    Re: Dell Harddisk 2000-0142 Error Code

    It Seem Like That Your Harddisk is Corrupted , If you are still under warranty then you can try contacting Dell support and they will dispatch out another hard drive. then you can return the orginal hard drive in the same box with a pre-printed shipping label.

    Check this Link for more information about the procedure

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    Re: Dell Harddisk 2000-0142 Error Code

    Start the PSA Diagnostics

    • Restart the system.
    • At the Dell logo screen, press <F12>.
    • At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, then press <Enter> to begin PSA.
    • Write down any error codes listed.
    • Use the list provided in the next section to see what the error code means.

    Contact support with the error message. Request a pre-imaged replacement drive. Yes, you will have to return the faulty drive, but hard drives are customer-replaceable - you will not need to return the entire system for repair.

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    Re: Dell Harddisk 2000-0142 Error Code

    Looks like you've got a hard drive problem. These problems may occur if the hard disk drive in the computer is damaged. To help troubleshoot this problem, use the DST tool to test the hard disk drive. Brand new hard drives can and do fail immediately or after both short and very long periods of time. HDDs don't like being jolted and because they contain electric motors they also don't like fluctuations in their power supply. Basically what's going on is Media direct accesses a different partition on the HDD, when you boot to windows normally it is on a different partition, It is likely that the partition was already corrupt and when you tried to access it by going to media direct it killed the rest of the HDD.

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