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Thread: Roku Digital Video Player for Vista MCE

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    Roku Digital Video Player for Vista MCE

    I had just subscribed for Netflix service. I had also added a Roku Digital Video player to my Vista Media center pc. I want some general information on it. That means weather it is a right decision to use this hardware with media center. Anyhow I was looking for a Video player so a friend suggested me this one. I had called up on my local cable provider and asked for the same. Now I had installed it already on my system. The output quality I measure is great. I found the product very affordable and quiet useful. Any suggestions really appreciated.

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    Re: Roku Digital Video Player for Vista MCE

    The good thing about this product is that it is affordable. It offers all service as all set to box do. You can demand your video and movies and sign up a unlimited service of Netflix. The service offers more flexibility in choosing your favorite video and on demand movies. The setup is simple, the functionality is user friendly and it is compatible with most of the media center pc. The only thing I had noticed that on some movies the player does not offer the HD quality. But that in rare case. Second thing it does not offers surround sound system and you cannot edit the queue service in Netflix. The product is simple, easy and cost effective.

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    Re: Roku Digital Video Player for Vista MCE

    Roku Digital Video Player is an best alternative for cable or satellite TV. If you are interested in Netflix then this one is a proper choice. This is why because it comes bundled with Netflix service so it offers you more than what a regular Netflix movie service provided to the user. The best thing about the product is that you can watch any movie instantly anywhere. That means a single service along with internet connection can be shared on your home network. The box is compact, lite and really affordable. Affordable does not mean that it is a weak product but really powerful with good performance.

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    Re: Roku Digital Video Player for Vista MCE

    If you install the box then you are limited to Netflix only. That means if you want to go for a satellite or cable TV then you will have to buy a new set top box and connection. So this makes thing uneasy. What about if you want or decided to switch to a cable TV service. Then this cost you more money. But rather if you only want to stick with Netflix then this is a correct decision. Other than this the product is not so costly. So you can even decided to remove it on your choice. The player is easy to set up and use. The main use of box is to stream video with great speed on your Media Center pc. It is supported by Amazon for instant buying of movies.

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