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Thread: Sfx Power supply

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    Sfx Power supply

    I just saw a document on standards ATX 12V and SFX 12V for power supplies. In both cases the number of spindles is identical (24) and functions location are at the same place. In short, there was no visible difference , so My question is what is the difference ATX 12V and SFX 12V
    Does SFX 12V can run a ATX 12V motherboard ? Thank you for your responses , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Sfx Power supply

    Intel has created the SFX power form factor , which can work in different variants. SFX means "Small Form Extended." Electrically, standards and microATX FlexATX can also use an ATX power supply (since miniaturization is the key with this type of system), but here SFX power supply seems much more reasonable. Furthermore, ATX power supplies will be unable to fit into the boxes and microATX FlexATX.

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    Re: Sfx Power supply

    In general, the SFX form factor could be considered a "little brother" of ATX. And it is mostly interchangeable with ATX power supplies. The main connector on the motherboard is SFX 20-pin (the same shape and same size as the ATX connector). The SFX 19 pin connectors are identical to those of ATX.

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    Re: Sfx Power supply

    The only difference here is that the SFX power supply specification does not require the supply voltage -5V compatible. The reason is that the -5V is only required for compatibility with the ISA bus. And Intel wants to distance itself from the ISA (to confine the PCI and AGP), so intel intentionally removed the -5V, presumably for reasons of manufacturing cost. In the SFX specification , fan speed power must be controlled internally, but a signal "On / Off" is included on the SFX connector on the motherboard. Another problem with the interchangeability is an ATX power supply SFX equipped with a fan of only 60 mm may have trouble cooling a large ATX case.

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