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Thread: Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

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    Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

    I had now decided to built up my Vista media center. I am now waiting for a better TV Tuner card. My friends recommend me the Hauppauge TV tuner card. The best thing which I like about it that it has a dual support. That means I can record multiple show at one time. I need some general information on it. The use feed back which tells about the performance and demerits. Is it ok to use this card or there is other one better than this also. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

    The card gives out the best image quality as compared to other TV Tuner cards. The out put quality is just awesome. This is because it has a hardware mpeg encoder in it. The encoder gives you much better quality options. The only weak point of the card is that it is not stable. It hangs up very soon. If you are trying to work on multiple channels then it will give you a hard time. It is right to say that it has a bad product quality. All in all you can enjoy the card for best image quality. But if you want it for recording and other purposing then this card can give problem.

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    Re: Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

    I am listing some of the features of the card. The card has dual tuners. By this at one time you view two services. That is an OTA and digital and at the same time you can record the shows also. You can simply record two channels also. The onboard mpeg 2 encoder offers you a high quality video output. It is compatible with windows mce and supports schedule recording. Normal ATSC channels can be recorded in high quality mode also. Offers sharp picture and improve you multimedia experience.

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    Re: Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

    The good thing about this card is that it has a dual tuner, FM receiver and multiple av port. The problem in the card is that there is not remote control here, hangs frequently. You will need to install a proper decoding software with it. Other wise it will not work properly. I will recommend you to use Nvidia's Dual TV Tuner card. This card is same a dual tuner card with many additional features and much better services than the above one. It is recommended for Windows Vista MCE and gives maximum home theater experience.

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    Re: Need details on Hauppauge WinTV card

    Hauppauge provides to anyone who purchases this product. Among them, there is the editing software and the actual programs that you will use to record/capture video, listen to FM radio and allow you to use your remote.

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