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Thread: Fan Not Working on Power Supply

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    Fan Not Working on Power Supply

    Hello , the Fan on my dell computer Power Supply does not work , Can you tell me how can i make it working , it was working properly yesterday, but now when i started my pc , it is not working , my pc is also not starting due to problem , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Fan Not Working on Power Supply

    The PC does not start, nothing appears on the screen , This symptom occurs also in case of bad contact with the installation of a peripheral card in a bus. The ATX power supplies has A small connector that passes from the front to the motherboard. pressing of this switch tells the motherboard to start the psu . If the power does not start, the problem can come from psu food, the connector can be loose or in case it may be a bad connector, but it can also be cause by the motherboard and even (in rarer case) by processor. On most ATX motherboards, CPU fan works even if the processor is not inserted into the socket.

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    Re: Fan Not Working on Power Supply

    The first thing will be to check the power of the PC. When we press the power switch, a method is to check the fan assembly

    1. Check power grid connection
    2. Check PC power supply.

    In ATX, when inserting the power cable on the front connected to the motherboard.a noise occur, This is not proof that it works or , but although if there is no noise then the supply is down . Indeed, the little click from the load capacitors.should inform you that power supply is working

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    Re: Fan Not Working on Power Supply

    In the case of a low temperature, a voltage of only approx. 4.4 V should be present at the connectors of external fans and some fans need at least 7-8 V approximately, in order to operate. Electronic control of ventilation function of temperature is automatic and can be influenced manually. In the case of a temperature increase (to approx. 42 C), the fans voltage rises. This is not an error.

    Possible causes:
    • the cable from the power switch of the computer case is not connected to the motherboard;
    • the 20/24 pin ATX connector is not installed properly and the contact is incorrect;
    • the P4 connector (if needed for the motherboard) is not connected;
    • CPU is not properly connected;
    • memory is not compatible with the motherboardStart the computer. without the memory module, if POST codes (beeps) are emitted from the motherboard, power supply is correct);
    • verify that all PC cards are properly installed in suitable locations (slots);
    • the power strip is possibly defective. Or, check that the switch, if available, is activated;
    • the motherboard is defective.

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