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Thread: How to Reboot Emachines without a Restore Cd

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    How to Reboot Emachines without a Restore Cd

    Hello , I Have a Emachines Computer ,Can you tell Can i Restore the computer back to the Default Factory Setting without using the restore cd , actually i have iso image of the disc but i dont want to write , just was wondering whether , how could i restore my emachines without the cd , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: How to Reboot Emachines without a Restore Cd

    Download the Recovery Console from Vista: WinRE

    (WinRE) of Vista, can repair the operating system. It contains several useful tools that can revive a dying Vista that stubbornly refuses to start.

    It contains the following options:
    • Startup Repair: Automatically fix most common problems that prevent booting Vista.
    • System Restore: Restore Vista from a system restore point of your choice.
    • Restoration Windows: In the Pro and Ultimate versions of Vista only: You can go up a full backup of the computer.
    • Diagnostic tool, Windows Memory: allows to test the memory module and the PC. pt

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    Re: How to Reboot Emachines without a Restore Cd

    WinRE is on the DVD standard installation of Windows Vista and some PC manufacturers pre-install on their machines but not all. eMachines Recovery Management 1.0 , The exact route of access is: START, All Programs, eMachines, eMachines recovery management. thank you to all

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    Re: How to Reboot Emachines without a Restore Cd

    did you try pressing F11?

    Run System Restore:
    1. Ensure that the Operating System DVD is inserted into the DVD drive.
    2. If Prompted with the message Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore?, click Restore.
    3. At the System Recovery Options window, click System Restore.
    4. In the System Restore window, click Next.
    5. In the System Restore / Choose a restore point window, select a restore point, and then click Next.
    6. Select the proper drive per the warning presented, and then click Next.
    7. In the System Restore / Confirm your restore point window, click Finish.
    8. When prompted, confirm your desire to install the restore point.
    9. When informed that the restore point has been installed, click Restart.

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