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Thread: Need a IR Remote control of Vista MCE

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    Need a IR Remote control of Vista MCE

    I want to add up a IR Remote to my Vista MCE. I want to know about the appropriate solutions for this same purpose. Right now I have a Media Center Desktop of Hp. After reading about ATI's TV wonder card I want to know weather if I get a new one then will it work with Vista MCE Remote. This is card which is already available in my system. So other than this what is more requirement. I have tried to configure the mce remote with it but it did not recognize it all. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need a IR Remote control of Vista MCE

    First of all if you even buy a remote series of ATI wonder then it will does not recognize it as a Remote control. This why because the TV Tune card needs a special IR Receiver. The remote works on Infrared frequency so you will have to install a compatible IR device to work with it. One of which I know is a Plextor PX USB Mini Digital HDTV Receiver. Connect the device to your computer. Install it properly and then configure you remote control for using different programs. The remotes works best with Media Center PC's. And other thing the HDTV Wonder is a separate TV tuner card. So the OTA channels that means the analog one will not work on it. And for viewing the Analog channels you will have to put a additional decoder.

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    Re: Need a IR Remote control of Vista MCE

    I will recommend you to get a V Wonder Remote control for your Media center pc. It is an good remote with a very user friendly software that is needed to configure the buttons of your IR Remote. It offers you to enjoy some 125 digital channels with a feature to control your Windows Applications also. You can directly watch movies, play songs from the DVD and search for relevant shows. The remote is also enable with gaming control options. The remote series is designed for ATI Radeon cards.

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    Re: Need a IR Remote control of Vista MCE

    There are some things you will have to anyhow add to your media center pc. First one a compatible TV tuner card. Then comes a wireless IR receiver. There are ample of available in the market. And the last one a compatible MCE remote control. Now here first install the card and the IR receiver which comes with a Antenna. It must be installed properly. It has GUI mode interface which shows up the settings for each button. Latest IR receiver offer more than just changing the channels. Even you can try to configure the MCE remote to it. If you have a receiver already then just buy a remote.

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