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Thread: How to configure Media Extender in Vista MCE

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    How to configure Media Extender in Vista MCE

    I have a Sage TV media extender connected to Vista Media Center PC. I have a very normal home theater system at my home. I am just crazy about watching videos and playing music on the home theater system with a surround sound support. Now the extender is newly purchased. I am trying to connect the extender to the Media Center pc but it is not detecting it. On the other hand the media extender turns on properly with no issues. So before rattling around with other things I want some simple configuration settings for Windows Media Center.

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    Re: How to configure Media Extender in Vista MCE

    The problem can be due to the firewall setting. The firewall may be blocking the Media Extender and not allowing it to play the movies. To enable it in the Windows Security setting open control panel from start menu. Then go Firewall and disable it. Now again connect your Media Extender to Vista MCE. If it works then you have to add up a port under the exception option of Firewall options. Log in as Administrator and same way open Firewall option from control panel. Then go to the exception port and add the port of your Media Extender and enable Firewall back again.

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    Re: How to configure Media Extender in Vista MCE

    Here are some solution for you to work out now. You have to remove the Media Center Extender Certificate to make the extender work. To do this click on the Start Menu in your Media Center pc and type mmc in the search box. Press enter. In the window go to File menu and then click on Add/Remove snap in. Then click on Certificate and now click on Add. Select the computer account > Next. Select your local computer from the list and then click on Finish. Click on OK. Now go to the Navigation pane and see under Console Root. Expand certificate > expand personal > certificate. Delete the certificate under the list by right clicking on it. Then after removing go to Windows Media Center > Task > Settings . Select the extender and then select the console. Choose uninstall. Again then click on Extender > configure. Run the setup back again.

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    Re: How to configure Media Extender in Vista MCE

    It is a configuration issue. Just uninstall the extender and then connect it back to the pc. Disable your firewall, antivirus and other security software. Let windows detect the hardware and install appropriate drivers for the same. Now from the media center screen look for the extender device. Once it is configured properly then you will not face any issues. It is mainly due to security options. Disabling can make it work.

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