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Thread: ASUS DVD Drive is creating noise

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    ASUS DVD Drive is creating noise

    I have a ASUS DVD writer purchased a long time before. The writer is working fine but when I insert a disc in it the writer creates a lot of noise. When the DVD is rotating inside the drive a large sound is created. I worry weather it is not damaged. There is not issue with DVD writing. I will not say that the speed is spectacular but the noise is troubling me. Does this sound is harmful and what does it indicate.

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    Re: ASUS DVD Drive is creating noise

    The noise is standard. It is the sound of spindle inside the DVD drive which is rotating the disc inside the drive. I had burned several DVD/CD and faced it such issues. You can leave it as it is and continue with burning the disc. The thing you can try here is adjust the settings in IDE Controller from the Device Manager. Right click on My Computer and then select properties. Go to hardware and click on Device Manager. Then right click on the DVD writer and go to the DMA mode. Adjust the settings and try back again.

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    Re: ASUS DVD Drive is creating noise

    It is the head mechanism that is going to die soon. The roller inside the disc if loosen or damage or if the Disc is not placed properly inside the drive the sound increases. Well it not a matter of fear. But it is a indication that the head mechanism is going to fail. The small motor rotates at a fast read to enable the DVD reading. If work slows then the DVD reading and performance is also affected. Just update the latest firmware and try out. Otherwise wait till you need a upgrade.

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    Re: ASUS DVD Drive is creating noise

    You can shut up the sound by Nero DVD Speed tool. Nero is the most common DVD burning tool. It has a utility called Nero Drive Speed which is used to control the disc burning speed. This will help you to read the drive more efficiently and increase your DVD Writer's performance. The DVD normally spins very quickly if you had place a movie or game disc. Just launch Nero and from the tools menu select Nero DriveSpeed. Reduce the size to the lowest and restart your system. Now the sound will be silent and better.

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