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Thread: Brand new 320GB HD not detecting in bios

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    Brand new 320GB HD not detecting in bios

    i was using a intel p4 PC, several days back it started to shutdown due to processor over heating. I removed my PC and cleaned the heat sink and fan. and the then my pc worked fine. two days back my pc didn't detect my hard drive. i had a 160 gb sata disk. i noticed that the disk is not spinning.
    so i removed another disk from my other PC which was working fine and fixed it to it. i also stopped working..
    i tried my dvd rom and it works fine. when i fixed the same cables with my dvd rom it works fine and detects by the bios. but when i use a hd it becomes unusable.

    today i bought s 320gb brand new toshiba hd, i tested it and it worked fine at the computer when i use it my pc, it does not detect from the bios and when i try to use it in anther pc its not detecting too

    why is that, i just cant figure it out... if there is a fault in the board or cables hw com my dvd rom work without any problems with the same cables and ports??

    can some one please help me... all i need to do is install windows. bt the hd doesn't detect at all

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    Re: Brand new 320GB HD not detecting in bios

    Listen first Change your IDE cables to new one if you are using also make sure you have proper powrer supply as this problem is more likely due to power supply cd rom will not trouble to get detected with faulty power supply but hard disk will as it required more power. if you are on IDE connection check for jumper settings..

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