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Thread: Btx motherboard

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    Btx motherboard

    I am going to buy a house outright (Thermaltake and Cooler Master) and the cost I wanted to take long but then I thought a case with ATX or BTX . The question is why to take the standard BTX or else replace the ATX ? Can any one here provide me enough information ? help me please?
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    Re: Btx motherboard

    BTX is Balanced Technology Extended this is a form factor for motherboards, originally slated to be the replacement for the aging ATX motherboard.The motherboards will differ in the number of expansion slots and mounting holes required. BTX will allow easy integration of components into the system that are interoperable. BTX motherboards will have HDMI video output and onboard Firewire.

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    Re: Btx motherboard

    On BTX ou have the shape, size, and all details of BTX casing, which are quite different from ATX. But you do not have to worry, this is not because the BTX will happen that you just throw in years. As AGP cards are not all put in the trash because PCI Express will happen. You will have ample time to recoup your atx before moving to BTX.According to sketches and drawings, it will not be enough to change the sliding panel of a box to put an ATX motherboard BTX under optimal conditions.

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    Re: Btx motherboard

    If the BTX standard is one that is most like our current tower, the module breakdown appeared on the front panel and the opening of the case is rather right than left. Furthermore, the location of components and air flow had completely changed.

    So in your example, should your sliding panel to be replaced and put the other side, which involves putting a slide to change the other side, and it should be that your front is also changed. In short, you should change the box ....

    The ATX should be compatible with the BTX standard format (not the microBTX or picoBTX) provided they ATX12V connector , but will be gradually replaced by alims CFX12V.

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