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Thread: HVR 2250 Media Center bad quality output

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    HVR 2250 Media Center bad quality output

    I had just installed a HVR 2250 Digital TV Tuner card for my Vista Media Center PC. It gave a great output at the starting but after viewing movies on it the image quality is decreased and the audio quality too. I had tried plugging and unplugging the cable but no result. I want to know that what is the best way to get a SD and HD channel.

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    Re: HVR 2250 Media Center bad quality output

    The TV tuner card has two RF input from which one is for FM. Therefore we can understand from this that is has only one input which is dedicated to the NTSC, ATSC and QAM. So the answer is straight that you cannot mix a NTSC, ATSC and QAM signal together. It is even hard to do by using a cable box. So either you can receive a SD or HD as per the broadcast.

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    Re: HVR 2250 Media Center bad quality output

    I think you will have to use a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Digitl TV box. This set top box has a channel mapping utility that allows a user to view all the on air QAM channels. This can be done by ruining a channel scan. First verify the channels and then name them. While your box may not have a channel mapping service. So it hard for you to get all the on air channels. Whatever format your TV Tuner can can read it will send a output. Others will not appear in the scan.

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    Re: HVR 2250 Media Center bad quality output

    Try to update the latest driver for the same and then try it out again. The work of your card need two things. A WinTV and the other one is the drivers. So it recommended that you must update the both to make it work finer. Download the latest driver from download and update it. You can get the same from the official site along with multiple applications.
    Driver Download.

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