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Thread: WD SATA Hard Drive Install

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    WD SATA Hard Drive Install

    Hello Good Morning,

    I am making a computer with ASUS A8V-E Deluxe MB, AMD 64-3700+, 2G DDR. I would like to use WD SATA HD 350G as my primary Drive.Hooked into SATA on board as they told unfortunately Bios shows no HD, Boot for XP shows no hard drive.Am i doing any thing wrong?

    thanks and peace..!!

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    Re: WD SATA Hard Drive Install

    Have you altered the Motherboard connectors when you put the drive? The MB will boot off the drive hooked to the #1 connector unless you change the Boot order in the BIOS. You required to swap the cables so that your new drive is connected to the SATA 1 socket.SATA drives won't need jumpers. Jumpers are used on IDE (PATA) drives when two drives share a single cable. So that your IDE optical drives show Master/Slave but the SATA don't.

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    Re: WD SATA Hard Drive Install

    The SATA drive requires special drivers for XP to see it, they're on the MB disk, and you generally need to insert them on a floppy and load them early in the install by pressing F6.At same time the MSI CD has a VIA SATA Raid Utility that installs the drivers in an existing XP OS.IIRC, you can also push F6 during POST to get a screen to install third party drivers before the OS boots.You may have to do some configuration as well.

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    Re: WD SATA Hard Drive Install

    I guess it has something to do with the IDE.Get in to the system BIOS, look under Advanced > On board Devices>SATA,change from RAID to IDE.Windows should now see the drive as a standard IDE device.If you required individual drives, hook each drive into SATA-II 0 and SATA-II 1 on the Intel ICH8 controller. In the system BIOS, go to Integrated Peripherals> SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode > Set to Disabled if you want to use IDE Legacy mode or Enabled to use AHCI mode. Using AHCI mode will require an F6 driver disk to be used during Windows XP installation.

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