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Thread: Keyboard on Fujitsu laptop not working

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    Keyboard on Fujitsu laptop not working

    Hi freaks,

    Few days ago I replaced the memory with a module on my Fujitsu Life book 2210.The memory itself was installed with no issue, but while installing the memory I pulled the keyboard's ribbon cable out of its connection on the motherboard. It looks like it just slips into a connection on the motherboard, but when I try to slip it in and boot up, only a few of the keys work. I would like to have the keyboard work, because the external keyboard isn't any help in making changes in the BIOS.Does anyone have another, less costly solution? Can anyone tell me how the keyboard ribbon cable attaches to the motherboard?

    thanks anyways..!!

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    Re: Keyboard on Fujitsu laptop not working

    The keyboard is a passive switch array; the switches (keys) can fail, but it would be extremely uncommon for one key to produce another character that would probably only happen if some metallic material got into the keyboard and caused a short.I'd try removing and reseating the keyboard connector. If it's a flex cable flat ribbon ensure you know how to work the ZIF socket. If you simply pull it out you will havoc the things.Unfortunately, if it's not the actual keyboard, and if reseating the connector doesn't fix it, it's probably a matter that will require replacing the motherboard to fix.

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    Re: Keyboard on Fujitsu laptop not working

    I guess you may not have put the ribbon in exact way.Probe at the connector block on the motherboard. It may have some sort of latch that you required to pullout before you could insert or remove the ribbon.If you already broke the ribbon you may be able to get a cheap replacement and not buy the whole keyboard assuming if there is a disconnect on the keyboard end.

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    Re: Keyboard on Fujitsu laptop not working

    Does this usually mean a motherboard problem or just the required to replace the keyboard assembly. I believe your ribbon cable is going into a ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) Connector. Its a slide type connector. To remove a cable from a ZIF connector, lift both corners of the ZIF connector slide simultaneously with constant light force. It will only slide out a very small bit.While slid out it leaves a small gap between the slide and the connector. While its slid UP, you insert the ribbon cable and while holding the ribbon in the ZIP you push the slide portion back in thus locking the ribbon in place.

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