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Thread: Add an Epson 600 wireless printer to an wireless network

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    Add an Epson 600 wireless printer to an wireless network

    Hiya Folks,

    I am using Windows Xp on my notebook.With a wireless Netgear router (WPA-PSK (TKIP) protected) which works fine.I wish to print via wireless to my new Epson SX600FW. The router recognized the printer, the printer gives a good wireless signal and I have configured the Epsonnet config file but on printing a document but giving me "printer not connected" error. Can anybody offer some kind of help..

    any helps would be greatly received..!!

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    Re: Add an Epson 600 wireless printer to an wireless network

    You can do it by following steps
    * Switch on your network router on and connect your printer. If it doesn't come as a Network Printer/Print Server then continue with steps mentioned below.
    * If you use MAC address filtering on your wireless network, you may require to add your printer's MAC address to your router configuration.In order to obtain the printer's MAC address, first print your printer's configuration settings which are on the printer test page.
    * Wait for a couple of minutes for your network to detect your printer.
    * Print a printer configuration page. Note the IP Address for the printer.
    * Make sure your printer's IP address is something other than 164.XX.XX.XX. Most routers use an IP address that looks like 192.168.XX.XX.
    * Install and run HP's network printing wizard.Follow the screen prompts and either input your printer's IP address or MAC address if required.

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    Re: Add an Epson 600 wireless printer to an wireless network

    Are you able to ping the printer from your computer? If you don't know how to do that first determine the IP address of the printer. On one of the PCs from which you're trying to print, navigate to Start > Run type: cmd. At the command prompt, type ping <IP address> and hit enter. The ping should come back and tell you how long it took to reach the printer. If the PC can't reach the printer it will time out. type exit for closing the window

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    Re: Add an Epson 600 wireless printer to an wireless network

    First you required to setup your wireless router to your computer. D-link software normally will help you with this process.Once your computer detects your wireless router you are ready to go.Now after your printer software is installed onto your computer
    Start> Control panel> Go to hardware and sound> printers
    On the toolbar click add a printer. Click the box, Add a network, wireless or blue tooth printer. Finally your computer will search for the printer and you can then click on it and you are done.

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