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Thread: Home Theater Closet Cooling - Do It Yourself

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    Home Theater Closet Cooling - Do It Yourself

    I made my own mass media private that ventilates in the attic of a simple hole in the ceiling of cuts with a cover of enmeshes of wire. It had the hope of which the passive cooling would make the trick, but already has arrived throughout winter seems to me that the system of heating of the furnace, does not allow that the hot air to raise. Thus, to this end, I am studying some 12V assembly ventilators of PC in the hole and have a temperature switch to activate when one is put over certain temperature. I have found several sites that show how to construct one of these switches, but I was hoping that somebody packaging for it could already lay me for the direction of a cheap solution....????

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    Re: Home Theater Closet Cooling - Do It Yourself

    You can obtain really calm the ventilators use, them in the baths, the expensive houses. You can put one in the right ceiling and of ventilation in the attic if you want. or if you want to avoid that in the closet of the room in which a light could be put tenuous, since it is a standard of 120 ACV apparatus. I hope this helps you...!

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    Re: Home Theater Closet Cooling - Do It Yourself

    I have installed a calm zone ventilator that the equipment is controlled by an attic ventilator thermostat. I have still not tried, but that is another possible solution to the problem. I really do not have idea how much my closet refrigeration will need, so I am waiting for the 80 CFM is the ventilator is had sufficient. I ask myself if fans of PC will be sufficient?

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    Re: Home Theater Closet Cooling - Do It Yourself

    Yes, the cooling must be a pre-occupation in any space closed with the equipment that generates heat. The other thing that you need to consider is how the refrigeration in summer versus winter works. In the summer, you could direct A/C to that place. In the winter, you need the shock absorber so that the conduit does not add heat to the same, and they are based on the attic of the ventilator. It depends than its time it is like where you live.

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