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Thread: Hockey rink business card

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    Hockey rink business card

    hello ,
    I'm looking for a few small CD-Rs to store important documents. I heard about Hockey rink, business card or mini CD-Rs product but required more information i need 2-3 any one have any idea about this packages?
    thank you

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    Re: Hockey rink business card

    Hockey Rink Business Card CD has the capacity of 50MB. It fits right into the inner tray of any CD-ROM drive. The small size of the CD makes it intriguing and convenient to carry and store. You can use the CD as trade show giveaway, software demo, product catalog, etc. Not only it stands out in the Rolodex, it is perfect for presenting a brief 3-5 minutes multimedia presentation containing video, music, narration, and best of all a hyperlink to your web site and hot email link. Your clients will view it and chances are they will share it with an average of 4-5 people. An ideal way to increase your website hit rate.

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    Re: Hockey rink business card

    You can present your portfolio in a new efficient way with hockey rink shaped mini CD-Rs. Compatible with most CD drives, these business card-sized CD-Rs hold up to 50MB each. Each CD-R in this 10 pack includes its own can get sample and product on online web site like .

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