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Thread: Ts-H492c DVD not working in Vista

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    Ts-H492c DVD not working in Vista

    I had upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista. I had installed the operating system from my Ts-H492c DVD drive. But due to some reason I had install everything back again. The problem is that I cannot boot from DVD. The Vista Setup Menu at the boot up does not appear. My BIOS shows up that boot from cd/dvd. By press space nothing happens. Neither the DVD drive is reading other disc. Any suggestion really appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Ts-H492c DVD not working in Vista

    Download the below firmware upgrade for your DVD drive. This can be a firmware issue. The latest firmware upgrade can fix up all the errors related to a DVD drive issue. It is possible that Windows Vista does not has the driver for the drive in its driver directory. The attached file is a setup utility which scans and update the firmware for the relevant drive automatically.

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    Re: Ts-H492c DVD not working in Vista

    Try Windows Troubleshooting service to get rid of the issue. The troubleshooting directory in Windows has complete information regarding all the hardware and errors. Click on Start > Help & Support. Then in the topic box at top type DVD Troubleshooter and click on the green arrow next to it. Windows will guide and list some relevant and most common problems.

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    Re: Ts-H492c DVD not working in Vista

    Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Then click on Hardware > Device Manger. In the list right click on the Drive and click uninstall. Restart your system. On restart a message will appear denoting that a new device is found. Windows will install the hardware and look for the relevant drives on the net if it does not found it on the system. So keep your internet connection on.

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