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Thread: Hp DVD 640b not burning disc

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    Hp DVD 640b not burning disc

    I have a Hp DVD writer. I had purchased it a year before. Recently I was out for some weeks then when I used the burner it is taking a very long time to burn a disc. Usually it does not take such time. But I had wasted more than 2 hours in burning 3 DVD's. I am using Windows XP with 1 gigs of RAM. So I think the memory is enough to burn the disc. What can be problem. Thanks.

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    Re: Hp DVD 640b not burning disc

    Make user that the DMA mode is enabled for the DVD drive. The DMA mode increases the burning speed which thus improves the performance of the device. You can use Nero InfoTool. Otherwise if you do not have then right click on My Computer and select Properties. Then go to Hardware > Device Manager. Right click on your DVD drive and select Properties. Go to settings tab enable the DMA check box. Restart your system.

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    Re: Hp DVD 640b not burning disc

    A simple firmware update can resolve your issue. Many times it happens that after a certain period of time you will need to update the drivers. Go to hp website and insert your DVD's model number in the drive and download page. The latest firmware can increase up the performance of the drive. Otherwise click on below link and download the firmware. I hope so this can be correct.
    Hp DVD 640n Firmware

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    Re: Hp DVD 640b not burning disc

    Check your Drives cable and connection. See that it is properly connected or not. Then from Device Manager uninstall the drive by right clicking on it. Restart your windows. Windows will detect your drive and install it. At that time keep your net on. If still the problem continues then it means that either the software which you are using for burning disc is incompatible or either your Drive laser lenses is gone.

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