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Thread: How to crack ps2

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    How to crack ps2

    i am having ps2 i am using it from last one year without crack it also now my Parent set Parental Lock Code on my Playstation 2 so i am restricted now so looking for crack of Playstation 2 can any one tell me how can i do that ?
    thank you

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    Re: How to crack ps2

    Here is the procedure to reset the parental lock code:

    1. Bring up a screen where the unit asks you to enter in the parental code. You can either insert a restricted disc, or enter the DVD setup menu and go to "parental control" under
    custom setup.

    2. When the screen asks for the code, press the SELECT button, then enter in the code "7444".

    3. The level adjustment under Parental Control dictates the strictness of the player. The lower the value, the more strict it will be. Either increase the value to lower the restriction, or disable the lock entirely by setting it to "off".

    4. Once you have made your adjustments, be sure that the DVD tray is empty, and press the RESET button on the front of the Playstation 2. It is imperative the tray is clear of any DVD or game for the unit to save your settings.

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    Re: How to crack ps2

    there is procedure and crack application available for ps2 but you have to download it from internet with the help of bittorrent or any torrent or p2p application.also there is risk to attempt that another option can be go to local psp shop some shop provide cracked ps2 with charging some cost so you can get cracked done from there ...

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    Re: How to crack ps2

    Now days no one go for ps2 with around same cost you will get psp and if you put around 500buks you will get PSP cracked version so mostly there is no one go with cracking ps2 as there is no need much so if you want to do dont do it your self go with good shop for hack ..

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