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Thread: Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

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    Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

    I had borrowed a Lexmark 5130 Printer for an official use for some days. I work for a small publishing house and the printer is just a temporary replacement. I need a driver for the printer. The driver which I got is for 32 bit Windows Vista. I am using a 64 bit Windows Vista in my laptop. Because of which I am not able to install the printer in my laptop. If possible where can I download the user manual of this software. Does it comes in multiple languages. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

    The best way to search for drivers is on the Lexmark site. The site offers you entire product downloads and supports. Just log in and enter your model number in the support coloumn. It will list you a number of drivers for multiple operation system. In the same way you will have to search in the publication column for the manuals. The manuals are in many languages. The site a specific column called Drivers & Download. In that you will find publications. When you click on it you can see a list of page in language coloumn. Just click enter your model number and download the manual.

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    Re: Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

    Click on the below link and download the 64 bit drivers for the printer. The size of the file is around 46 mb. The driver supports Lexmark Model number X5130, X5150, X5190 and X5190 Pro. If this one does not work then you will have to search the drivers on the official site of Lexmark printers. That is the only place where you can find entire technical support related to the printer.
    Windows Vista 64 bit Driver for Lexmark

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    Re: Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

    There is option in windows by which the operating system look for the drivers of the hardware and installed it. Connect your printer and lets windows find your hardware. You can see a message of found new hardware. Then click on next and connect your computer to internet. Windows will locate the driver automatically.

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    Re: Lexmark 5130 Printer 64 bit driver

    Thanks for the Lexmark 5130 drivers Fabian

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