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Thread: Dvd menu doesn't respond

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    Dvd menu doesn't respond

    I have movie DVD that is made by my friend. now problem is i am unable to get a menu with a single button. I can see dvd menu but i am not able to use it that menu not responding any way also if i Menu button and it says no permission.
    thank you

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    Re: Dvd menu doesn't respond

    make sure that the dvd that you have is proper as your friend made it there is possibility that menus not created properly so due to that it is not working properly you can check that as if you press play button any movie will play but you cant through menu.

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    Re: Dvd menu doesn't respond

    I have seen that in pirated disk that Dvd menu doesn't respond as they are not created properly as if you copy movies from original dvd this menu is not get copied and created on new dvd that is the problem

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    Re: Dvd menu doesn't respond

    You can use some application to create this menu to work properly on your dvd player also make sure that you have not set any thing for you your dvd sting that can be problem so check manual ..

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