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Thread: How to troubleshoot Power Window Failure

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    How to troubleshoot Power Window Failure


    Friends...I think I have faced a power window failure. I tried to check the fuse but I cannot find which one it might be. Can anybody please help me what should I do ? Is there anyway to troubleshoot this power window failure problem ?

    kindly suggest some troubleshooting ideas.....thnx

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    Re: How to troubleshoot Power Window Failure

    I would first suggest you to check for Power to any of the wires say the LF switch. If there is a power then perhaps cleaning or renewing the switch will fix the problem.
    No power trace back to the relay or the fuse. There are often more than one fuse that controls the windows. Look carefully at the wire connector to the switch to see two wires that go off in a different direction a red and black wire. These two wires are to the window motor itself.

    Check the following:-
    With test leads ground one of the wires and power to the other, check whether the window moves or not ?
    Change the position of the test wires and check whether the window go in the opposite direction?

    If you can see movement then all the problems are in the power, grounds or switches. In that case, you may need to purchase new switches.

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    Re: How to troubleshoot Power Window Failure

    A wire might be broken. Usually broken wires are found from the door to the windshield pillar inside a rubber insulation. You might have one or two wirs as such.

    Try replacing GEM module and check.

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    Re: How to troubleshoot Power Window Failure

    Now-a-days, many users use solid state "control modules" for a variety of accessories such as power windows, door lock actuators, etc. It is possible that your product has a control module for the power windows which may be the cause of your problem.

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