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Thread: Need a additional head phone jacks

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    Need a additional head phone jacks

    I have a MAC laptop and a 16 GB Apple ipod. I want to ask that all normal laptops, desktop systems and audio player only has one headphone jack. If a someone want to add more than one headphone to the player then what is solution for this. I had seen that only Dell laptops have a dual headphone jack in them. But what about the other tools. Is there a way by which I can use more than one Headphone on a single machine. Is there a specific hardware for this.

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    Re: Need a additional head phone jacks

    There are some cables which can gives you to add 2 headphone at a single time in a laptop. It is called as head phone splitter. The cable cost your around $10 to $20. One of which I know is called Dual Headphone Jack Splitter. This gives a high quality 3.5mm Y adapter. It is compatible for both ipods or mp3 players. It works with any sound card. The audio quality is also good. Just search for the appropriate tool.

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    Re: Need a additional head phone jacks

    Go to your nearest shop and search for headphone splitters. The head phone splitters is a two way cable which gives a female connection to the head phone jacks. The quality of cable depends on the types of company. It you purchase a branded then you will receive a quality sound. Other thing you can also try wireless head phone for the same. But wireless head phones does not work properly if added more than one because of infrared signal blockage.

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    Re: Need a additional head phone jacks

    Go to Belkin website and look for RockStar head phone jack. The Rockstar headphone jack offers you to connect six head phone at a single time. It comes with 3 year warranty. You will have to purchase the product from the official site of Belkin. It is specially designed for iPhone, iPods and audio players. An awesome simple to use hardware. Add sex head phones one time and enjoy the same quality sound.

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