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Thread: HD Receiver Box

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    HD Receiver Box

    Hello friends,

    I Recently purchased new HDTV, 42 inches Magnavox 1080p, so I need to know which one is better? TurboHD from DISH Network??

    thanks !!

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    Re: HD Receiver Box

    Dish Network is a satellite television with its all new TurboHD packages.TurboHD will help you to experience picture and sound clearer and crisper than ever. Gives a feeling that at the big game and hear sound like your actually living the movie. If you want to see HD movies, sports, and news in the highest quality HD offered today, TurboHD from Dish Network is for you.This service is brand new and only from Dish Network

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    Re: HD Receiver Box

    The newest feature is an all hi-def package from DISH Network called TurboHD Gold. DirecTV offers HD service for only $9.99 a month. Prices are much varies from the cable TV companies.i hope to get a the top 200 + bronze. my main interest is picture quality. i get hd over the air and the quality is superb, minus the pixilation when the wind blows hard–the only reason i'm switching.

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    Re: HD Receiver Box

    I guess Dish Network is trying to emulate its main (and only) rival DirecTV (they have to anyways) since they are the leaders in HD at the moment. However, the latter does not have an all-HD package, and that is where Dish Network filled the void.People that compare Dish Turbo to other providers by counting channels don’t understand. My cable company makes me pay $50 a month for the analog channels before I can add HD for $5 for.

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