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Thread: Wifi to IR

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    Wifi to IR

    On of my cousin is having an IPhone, & my father has the Communicator. I was thinking weather we can use wifi to talk.... I tried finding something but was not able to find such a device... Can anyone help with it...????

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    Re: Wifi to IR

    In the first place to obtain and NetRemote beam and to connect your Communicator to a PC with an installed USB UIRT. The last part costs money, the rest is freeware. Finally you need infrared extensors if she wishes to control the equipment in another room that has USB UIRT. This he is, by all means, in case of excess of everything what we want to do is to change the channels in its TV, but throws a look page Web you can see that also he can use to control a system of house and another fresh MP3/media things.

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    Re: Wifi to IR

    A look throws to - this it will execute in the IPAQ and the place of infrared emission that to pass "remote" the signals of your network WiFi. Obvious, you must have an emitter TO GO in some place near his connected equipment and to the computer - a look to - that has an emitting device TO GO and also a new qualified network emitting that she does not require a PC - nevertheless she is not cheap.

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    Re: Wifi to IR

    Thanks to both it was really helpful... I tried both the way you all asked me to do & was perfectly done... I have successfully done this things & was happy to use this device... Thanks..!

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