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Thread: Firmware for Sony DVD Writer

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    Firmware for Sony DVD Writer

    I have windows vista in my pc. I had recently upgraded from windows xp. And added up some extra ram. The problem now came is that my DVD is not burning cd's and dvd's properly. It worked fine in installation of vista and in xp. But know the cd process fails after completing some amount of percentage. I think the problem is with the drivers and firmwares. I want to ask from where can I download the latest drivers for DVD. I have Sony DVD AD-7201s in my pc. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Firmware for Sony DVD Writer

    There can be problem with drivers. Normally DVD drives are detected by the bios and used for installation. So they just don't need actually any driver update. But check out weather that the cable is connected to the DVD properly and if possible try to change the cable. It not a costly part. Second thing you try to use a different burning software. Like power dvd producer or the vista version of nero. As the upgrade can create a incompatibility issue.

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    Re: Firmware for Sony DVD Writer

    Try this. Right click on my computer and select properties. Then go to hardware tab and select device manager. In device manager locate you dvd drive and then right click on it. Then select properties. Check the status windows. If it shows that the device is working properly then go the driver tab. Select update driver and lets windows to find the appropriate driver. Otherwise just right click on the hardware and select uninstall. Then restart you system and lets windows to detect the software and install it.

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    Re: Firmware for Sony DVD Writer

    Download the below software to get the latest firmware of sony dvd writer. It is a driver check software from sony. After installation run it. It will locate the hardware and then install the recommended firmware. Other wise download driver inspector. It is a freeware tool which is used to install the driver and updated firmware of newly installed or incompatible hardware.

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