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Thread: Hp media center memory upgrade problem

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    Hp media center memory upgrade problem

    I have an HP Media Center PC desktop computer. I want to upgrade memory, it came with 3gb DDR RAM curruntly i am having 2 *512 ram . Its running windows xp media center 2005 with sp2. I can't find any help that this will work on my pc or not ? Please help ..
    thank you

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    Re: Hp media center memory upgrade problem

    There is web site which check your configuration online and suggest you regarding hardware for you this is similar like getting online driver for your hardware so check online...

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    Re: Hp media center memory upgrade problem

    An OEM motherboard BIOS does not support the high performance memory due to higher voltages that high performance memory needs to run properly.Check for Memory Type that may DDR SDRAMM (Supports duel channel) Memory Speed like PC3200 (400 MHz),PC2700 (333 MHz),PC2100 (266 MHz) i am having 2x1gb PC3200

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    Re: Hp media center memory upgrade problem

    HP Pavilion Media Center dv6299ea i tried DDR2-533/DDR2-667 memory 2gb + 1 gb that works but you might need this help ..

    For multiple ram :
    Shut down pc removed the old memory replaced it with the two new one restart if error in booting occurs, Shut down and removed both ram, replaced with one at a time, trying to boot up with one sticks at a time, resulting in the same issue as step 1.try with another one

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