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Thread: How often replace scanner bulb

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    How often replace scanner bulb

    i am having hp scanner but scanner bulb keeps warming me about scanner bulb so i want to know how often replace scanner bulb and what is the procedure to do that ? can any one help me ?
    thank you

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    Re: How often replace scanner bulb

    Perform the following steps to resolve the issue.

    1. replace the power cord
    2. Wait approximately 35 seconds for the scanning assembly to walk out and then quickly remove the plug again.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, until the head moves approximately 1 inch away from its normal resting place.
    4. Upgrade The firmware for scanner from HP web site

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    Re: How often replace scanner bulb

    This part is not available to the public as scanner bulb is not common for all models of hp and its not easy to replace for home user so scanners lams are not user replaceable.Disassemble scanners and again assemble is not easy so for get to do any thing by your self and better to call hp for support

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