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Thread: Sound Drive Problem in ASUS PSGC MX 1333

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    Sound Drive Problem in ASUS PSGC MX 1333

    Hi, I recently bought a Desktop with ASUS PSGC MX 1333 mother board. After Installing Windows XP SP3 I tried installing all the drivers. I encounter problem on installing the Realtek audio device. I googled it and I am able to install it successfully. But the sound is not coming.

    When I go to control panel -> Sound and Audio Device properties, it says empty and all the options are disabled.

    I am not able to see the speaker icon in the task bar.

    In the device manager ''Realteck High Definintion Audio'' is successfully installed and allso ''Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio'' is also successfully installed.

    In services.msc the Windows Audio services is running and set as automatic only.

    I am not able to diagonize the problem. Could any one please help me.

    Following are the screenshots

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    Re: Sound Drive Problem in ASUS PSGC MX 1333

    Have you Tried installation from the motherboard cd , if not Then Install the Drivers From it , or download the Drivers manufacturer site

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    Re: Sound Drive Problem in ASUS PSGC MX 1333

    I think there might be some problem with your audio drivers. You need to download fresh audio drivers again. Try to download the drivers from the official site of your motherboard.

    Hope this helps..!!

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    Re: Sound Drive Problem in ASUS PSGC MX 1333

    1. I uninstalled the RealTek Driver. To do this go to the control panel and uninstall the driver.
    2. Reboot the machine
    3. Go to Device Manager and Disable the "Microsoft UAA HD Audio diver"
    4. Then Uninstall the "Microsoft UAA HD Audio diver"
    5. Reboot the machine.
    6. Browse the RealTek driver folder, there you will be able to find a Microsoft Pach "kb888111xp2.exe"
    7. This patch if for XP SP2. If you are in SP3, then go to Regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\CDSVersion and change the value to 200
    8. Install the Microsoft patch.
    9. Install the Reltek Driver.
    10. Reboot the machine. Thats all.

    Don't forget to change the RegEdit again to 300. If not changed, then the microsoft patches will be duplicated and that may create a mess.
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