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Thread: Slave Hard-drive help

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    cool Slave Hard-drive help

    im new on here so i hope i have posted in the right place etc..

    my knowledge of computers is ok
    but im uncertain about this one

    i have two hard-drives in my pc
    my C: drive is becoming full but my slave is only half full.
    i was wondering if i can saved some programmes onto my slave that are on my C: drive and will they work as normal?

    programmes like iTunes, MSN, football manager etc..
    and will my saves all be intact on football manager and so on.

    and if this is possible what is the easiest way and safest way.

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    Re: Slave Hard-drive help

    You can save & use the slave like the way you use the Master !

    No difference/problems in that !

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    Re: Slave Hard-drive help

    awesome thanks for this

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