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Thread: Need information on logitech z cinema

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    Need information on logitech z cinema

    I want to buy Logitech Z Cinema speakers for my system. I had seen the speaker in a shop and quiet attracted towards the sound quality. So I need more information on the speakers. The features and utilities it provide me when I buy it. What can be the apporx. cost of speaker in the market. Does it support the HD quality audio.

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    Re: Need information on logitech z cinema

    It is a right choice for music lovers. I has 2.1 advance surround sound speakers. By using SRS and TruSurround HD the speakers gives you an awesome sound quality which removes the need of a center speaker. Each speaker has has 1 inch tweeter and 3 inch mid woofer. The look and color is stylish and gives you a quiet pleasing feel. It has remote with it which offers you a wireless dj function. This remote can control windows media center and the entire speaker function. The price range of speaker is from $300 to $600.

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    Re: Need information on logitech z cinema

    Logitech Z cinema speakers has 2 satellite speakers with 2x 1inch textile dome tweeter and midwoofer. It has an additional subwoofer and a 8inch long throw subwoofer. The power consumed by it 180watts. The feature of this speaker is that it offers surround sound with out any need of center speaker with TruSurroun HD. It has a high performance audio with gives a great accuracy and more nature sound. It has many input and output options which include a headphone jack. It also includes a powerful media remote control.

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    Re: Need information on logitech z cinema

    The speakers are design for high performance audio with a 24 bit usb digital audio support. Connect your portable players with it and enjoy your favorite music. Logitech z cinema gives pure digital fidelity. The remote control offers a entire control over the media center in windows. You will receive a 2 Year limited warranty on it.

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