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Thread: Digital mouse jumps around the screen

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    Digital mouse jumps around the screen

    I bought a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. My mouse cursor jumps to a different location when I am using it. As I move the cursor to a spot it is suddenly at the upper left corner. Now, for some unknown reason, this new mouse will occasionally act a little funny. It seems to be while surfing and using Outlook Express. I've had to shut down the PC a couple of times today because I totally lost control of what was going on. This just started yesterday. Any ideas?

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    Re: Digital mouse jumps around the screen

    Does the cursor leave mouse poop behind? (when the mouse is moved does it leave trails behind it?) the mouse driver should be fine if its a BASIC mouse. it maybe the design, the plastic round the infra-red detector looks too reflective and can pickup up misaligned signals especially from "incorrect" mouse mat surface.

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    Re: Digital mouse jumps around the screen

    Your problem sounds like it is contained to your home environment. Is there any other electrical equipment placed near it, like a TV, or radio, or (unshielded) loudspeakers, Since I am using a wireless mouse with a laptop running Windows XP, I finally went into my control panel, chose Printers and Other Hardware, found the mouse icon, went into that, chose the tab at the top that says "USB Mouse Connection Tab" and clicked the radio button that says "Touch Pad is Automatically Invalidated."

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    Re: Digital mouse jumps around the screen

    My theory is that some recent Microsoft update made the assumption that _every_ mouse at this stage of the Windows gameGo to control panel,then mouse. In hardware uninstall synaptic drivers (this are the drivers for my touchpad).Reboot and let windows xp install touchpad's microsoft drivers (this is automatic when you reboot) . My problem was the synaptics drivers, w/ windows xp drivers my problem was fix NO MORE JUMPING CURSOR.

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