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Thread: Gigaware Webcam Driver Download

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    Gigaware Webcam Driver Download

    I have a Gigaware Webcam purchased a long time before. But form a recent times the cam is not working fine. The microphone which is attached to the system along with the game does not produce any audio. The image is very dizzy. I do not have the cd of web cam. So I need the driver of this tool to re-install it. I am just assuming that this might fix up the problem.

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    Re: Gigaware Webcam Driver Download

    Gigaware webcam are now old camera. It is better to get a new with much better feature. It is the same eye shape cam. And here no use to upgrade the drivers. Hardly some sites like RadioShack will offer you the driver and the manual. You can directly download form there and update. Try this one also. Hope your cam will work.

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    Re: Gigaware Webcam Driver Download

    Click the link below and see weather the driver works for you. Gigaware is an tradition web camera which is now an outdated one. So it hard to find the drivers. Better just use it anyway and then upgrade to a new one. There multiple models available right now. And for the mic thing check out your audio properties.
    Gigaware Driver

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    Re: Gigaware Webcam Driver Download

    The problem of mic is due to the audio properties of windows. Just go to the system tray and double click on the volume tab. In the box look for Mic and then see that the volume is set to high. If you do not fine the Mic Volume tab then click on properties in the option and then tick on Mic. If the audio is not coming then the mic is gone.

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