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Thread: computer doesn't respond to mouse

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    computer doesn't respond to mouse

    I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. I bought it half a year ago. Recently, I noticed the mouse to clicking properly. When I click and icon, it doesnt respond. Like, I'd click on a program on my destop, it'd respond at first, but after a few minutes, whatever I click won't respond other then that certain program that I clicked earlier. So pretend I clicked Internet explorer. After 2 minutes, I decide to open Msn Messenger. THe problem is that when I try to open Msn, it won't repond to the mouse. Only internet explorer will respond to my mouse. It wont click anything else unless I opened the Windows Task Manager. After I opened the task manager, I can click anything but thats only for another minute until it freezes on me again.
    I changed mouses, and it didn't change anything the problem was still there.
    What's wrong with my computer? is it a virus that's doing this?

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    Re: computer doesn't respond to mouse

    i had the same problem with my wireless mouse while that was due to low battery ,as i continuous move, it works but as i stop for fraction of second it freezes as it get into logoff mode then again after minutes it responds again so check your battery also for more check your wireless range .

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    Re: computer doesn't respond to mouse

    Scan your system first with latest anti-malware tools in Safe mode to
    make sure that your system is clean.

    Try to uninstall the Msn Messenger and install and then try .

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    Re: computer doesn't respond to mouse

    use good the batteries.this is the common problem for a wire less mouse common problem for me.confirm that there are no other devices that might interfere with the signal.
    Bluetooth mouse have to re-pair the device with the laptop in order to get better connectivity.On the keyboard and mouse, press "Connect" button in order to get a new signal from the transmitter.
    if the the transmitter is working with infrared, it only goes up to about 20 feet when in-line...

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