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Thread: My Mouse keeps freezing on my Laptop

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    My Mouse keeps freezing on my Laptop

    My mouse keeps freezing on the screen every once in a while. Then after a few seconds its fine, then it freezes again and then it's fine. And eventually it freezes up completely and I have to restart my Laptop. I've scanned for viruses, re-installed the mouse and tried a number of other things without luck. I am using XP and have a MX518 mouse. I heard that this could damage my motherboard??? I'm not that computer savy and I need some help.

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    Re: My Mouse keeps freezing on my Laptop

    There may be Lots of things that may bring about mouse freezes:out of all the possibilities i will provide some of them which are mostly prone to happen this kind of error Insufficient memory. Bad drivers. Program conflicts, among other things. Some possible solutions. If your PC doesn't have enough memory, it may temporarily suspend mouse function while the central processing unit takes care of more important things. And one more thing unplugging your mouse and plugging it back in won't damage your motherboard.. It sounds more like a mouse problem or possibly a USB port/motherboard problem.

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    Re: My Mouse keeps freezing on my Laptop

    Does your PC sleep successfully? It could be that the mouse hardware isn't recovering after sleep, although that sounds unlikely as the mouse driver is such a low level process. Sounds like the video card maybe over heating also. So when was the last time the computer was cleaned out. Keep plug and unplugging the mouse when the computer is up and running and you will burn the ps/2 socket and you will be buying a new motherboard.

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    Re: My Mouse keeps freezing on my Laptop

    Does the Caps Lock key toggle the Caps Lock light on and off? If not, then the computer has locked up and is not "still functioning", if it is, then the problem may lie with the mouse or port. Check out your mouse drivers. Your mouse driver may have been corrupted. Reinstall your mouse driver or, better yet, download and install a more recent driver, if one is available.

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